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Sample Report: Finance Prediction

Finance Prediction:

Date of Birth: 17.11.1963
Time of Birth: 16.00
Place of Birth: Indore, M.P. (India)

Venus + Mercury + Venus 24.06.2009
Venus + Mercury + Sun 15.08.2009

Dear Mrs. MKA

Kindly read be carefully of Finance Analysis. I fill very well for providing me with this opportunity to research your horoscope. Kindly note, I am giving guideline only. And also try to best for you. But all of good and bad events are hand of god, so I wish you luck and pray to god that you overcome all obstacles in your life.

Best Regards,

Pt. Lokesh.
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Birth chart of Mr. MKA

By Indian Astrology you have born in Aries Ascendant, your Moon sign is Scorpio and Nakshatra (Birth star) is Anuradha .

In Horoscope 11th house is called place of finance or source of income, 2nd house is known by saving income or staring assets. 12th house says about your expenses and destiny place of 9th house is also important for finance prediction Loan section considers by 6th house.

According your Natal Chart Saturn is placement over the 10th house at has own sign Capricorn. The speed of go head of Saturn is very slow, and also his second own sign Aquarius is posited over the 11th house is called income place.

In this way your promotion and increase income is slow while Jupiter is posited in 12th own his own sign Pisces. So your expenses also control in hand. Indirectly you are miser too.

Saving place 2nd houses lord Venus is placement over the 8th house under Scorpio sign long with four planets Moon, Sun, Marcs and Mercury. This place is called bad place or according Indian astrology is called trik. Indirectly whose planet sit with the Sun that is called set. That is to say Venus is set. As far as you save money it save only short term will.

After ward money will be expenses. That is to say you are unable to save a number of money. So you should invest money to other firms or share market/corporate market.

In this year you are running Mahadasha of Venus and Antra of Mercury under Venus fill the 24th June, 2009. In this period your finance position will be poor. It may be possible for you that you will chooses, more loan options.

After ward you are going to Antra of Mercury under the Sun till 15th Aug. 2009. Sun is also posited 8th house become with lord of 5th house. Sun is sign factor of Govt. sector, Rajyog and promotion. You may get promotion in this period. Also get money from other activities. That is to say your finance status will be good for these periods.

In Gochar transit Rahu & Ketu is going to 10th house and 4th house. So you may invest in corporate market and may improve your financial status. For some time (Aerometry three month) Jupiter also running over the 11th house. It is a increasing your financial possition.


Over all in this your you finance position will be poor, some sector also will help to you but you may yet more troubles in loan sector, for improve your finance status you should. Do this remedies with proper Vedic method.

Ohm Bhomay namh
Ohm Shum Shukraya namh
Ohm Sham Shanaye namh
(27 times should be repeated daily)

1. Worshiping Shanti for Ashwini (Mool) according to vadic method.
2. Pray ketu for 25000 vedik mantras.
3. Two face + Six Face + Seven Face Rudraksha wear combine.
4. Pray for "Hanuman Ji" and round around the temple five times daily.
5. Keep the white cloth always with you.
6. To solve job (placement) Problem donate Red cloth, Masool dal, Copper, Coconut, Dakshina (respect money) Red fruit, Red flower in the "Hanuman Temple".

Gems stone remedies--

For increasing happy marriage life and for get progress in your job you may wear 5.5 K. Topaz in your first finger.

Rudraksha Remedies :--

For good health and improve disputes each other you should wear A Kavach of Rudraksha.

Pooja Remedies :--

Lord Shiva is a president of all lord. So he is call Mahadev also every month you should perform Shiva Pooja. You may start fast of Monday too.

And include some other remedies

Special Note:

I am sure to you for all remedies have to be performed for success and decreasing the bad effects of planets. With help of all remedies you increase good chance may get strong able position during the bad period of planets. All remedies will have to perform as soon as possible.

In case of any difficulty or clarification please feel free to revert back to me and I would be glad to answer your queries.

Best Regards,

Pt. Lokesh.

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