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Procedure of Hartalika Teej Vrat

Procedure of Hartalika Teej Vrat

The importance of hartalika vrat is that it is believed that those unmarried women who observe hartalika vrat worship goddess parvati  so that they are blessed with a husband like shiva and also have a happy married life. This is kept by both the unmarried and married women.

To keep this hartalika vrat is not an easy job as there are very strict rules to be followed at the time of following this vrat. They have to follow the rules of nirjala vrata. In this puja the goddess parvati is worshipped in the form of id. This day the idol is decorated so beautifully, with the neat and beautiful clothes and ornaments. On this day pandal is also created which is just a small size house for doing puja. It is generally made up of banana barks and leaves. With the idol of goddess parvati, an idol of Shiva made of clay is also worshipped.

In the evening time a special kind of puja is performed. In this almost every close relative and friends of the woman come to enjoy and perform all kinds of traditional rituals. The Prasad at this time is made up of coconut. Thus women perform hartalika vrat with great level of devotion and in a strict manner. And the next morning the fast is broken. This day women wear all fresh and new clothes, accessories. It is a strong belief that by wearing new and fresh clothes it will make the deity happier and their husbands will be bestowed with all happiness.

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